Cancer and Covid-19: Twin towers of affliction today..

We are all learning to live in the shadow of Covid. This means facing increasing uncertainty. In my book, I share how I faced these anxieties and learnt a valuable lesson: to focus on what I could control and to let go of what I couldn’t.   

Cancer and Covid-19:

  • do not discriminate
  • can affect anyone at anytime without warning
  • can be insidious can affect ours and our family’s mental health
  • can make us isolated
  • Covid is infectious, cancer is not
  • Covid is short-lived but we are still grappling with treatment 
  • Cancer on the other hand has its own direction of travel and can be dealt with established treatment plans and self-management 

As someone who has had cancer, I share your anxiety about the increased risk of getting coronavirus. You might be somewhat concerned about how Covid-19 will impact your cancer journey, especially treatment.  Access to cancer services is most important as early detection and treatment can save lives.

Doctors’ surgeries and hospitals are safe to attend, as protected procedures have been established which include regular testing of health care professionals.

Your comments and suggestions are valuable so please do share as it will help many others.

Cancer and Covid-19: Twin towers of affliction today..

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