Daksha’s story takes you on an emotional but always uplifting journey through her experience of being diagnosed with cancer after the loss of her brother to the same cruel disease, through to beating it. Her courage, hope and positivity throughout her experience shine through, and I would recommend her book and message to anyone who has been touched by cancer as a beacon of hope.

Vicky Bristow

I just finished reading your book. So many things you have shared in this book relates to my journey. It reminds me of my cancer journey. I have had three cancers. I ham lymphoma in 1983 and then a relapse in 1987. Both times I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Then in 2005 I had breast cancer , I also had lung cancer last year. At the moment I am recovering from severe pneumonia. I am grateful to my Lord Krishna, family and friends for their support. It has been a tough journey. Your book is very well written and the positivity in you and your mum has been great. You were very lucky to have a good support system and the mental attitude has played in your recovery. You are very understanding towards all the cancer survivors and it is so important to share our thoughts. Thank you for your presentation at the AWCG group last week.

Bharti Nitin Patel, London, AWCG Member

Here’s a book of tremendous personal courage and resilience under such terrifying situations. Daksha has shown what can be achieved with faith and tenacity to overcome a very horrifying surgery. I’ve just journeyed through her operation of trauma and trepidation, but triumphantly passing through to tell the tale so intimately and candidly has been an experience in itself for me. Commendations to Mum and  Pradip also for their selfless help and encouragement to Daksha. This is a “Must Read” book, not only for cancer sufferers but also for anyone who may have to go through major surgery…….. A book of Faith & Hope.

Dhiru Mistry, Luton, UK

“I have just finished reading your book – very inspiring well written keeps one interested to carry on reading – well done Daksha keep writing.

Heart wrenching content but with positive attitude to all situations with prayers and belief in the almighty.

Informative that care support of family friends and medical staff all help in the process of healing.

All the best in your professional and volunteer work – give yourself a pat on the back.

Best wishes, Malek Patel, Cambridge, UK

I hadn’t seen Daksha for over 40 years, when we were students at Liverpool University.  By the power of social media I became aware of her book “Now Living the Dream”.  The fact that the book was written was a bit of a shock, because it meant that Daksha had been through a traumatic time, but at least she had come out of it.  Her book was of additional interest to me, because I about three years ago I was diagnosed with non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which thankfully has responded well to treatment.  It’s a pity I didn’t have Daksha’s book at the time, because I’m sure that would have helped me.  What is particularly useful about her work is that I’m sure that there is something for everyone in it.  Personally, I wouldn’t describe myself as a spiritual person, but despite that, there are pieces of real practical advice that can help even the likes of me!  In particular, the knowledge that you need not be alone in your struggle, there is always hope, and that we are all should make the most of our time on earth.  So thanks Daksha.  Incidentally, Daksha and I have subsequently met up over the internet, via Zoom, which was quite nostalgic.  She hadn’t changed a bit.

Derek Fowler, St Bees, Cumbria, UK

Dear Daksha

I have just finished your book, and wanted to write straight away.   

I have some knowledge of the professional journey alongside cancer patients; I have spent much of my career supporting staff in palliative and oncological services.  I was particularly pleased to see how well your book has been received by medics and other professionals. For me, what was important was the interweaving of the spiritual journey with your fight for life.  Although I have read other similar books, I don’t think I have read one that puts a relationship with God and love so much at the centre of things.  It is not always easy to write about the deep centre of one’s being, and you manage it really well – aided, of course, by the wise words of others who have gone before.  Thank you for making the effort to do this, and succeeding.

I was particularly moved by the account of your closeness with your mother, and her love for you.  She sounds a very wonderful woman….. as are you.

Chris Kell, Chair of North Hertfordshire Interfaith Forum, UK

Daksha’s book Now Living the Dream will be immensely helpful for cancer patients and those caring for them, especially loved ones. As she says, physically there is only so much that is in one’s control, and every effort should be made at that level to maximize the chances of a good outcome. However, she tells us that each person can get to a mental, spiritual and attitudinal space that can greatly facilitate the healing process. A spouse and parent’s loving care has immeasurable benefits.

Not only does Daksha’s inspiring story show what is possible, she also mentions so many approaches to complement standard medical care that the reader can explore and utilize, such as reiki, meditation and support groups.

That said, the book is also a great resource for people with no health problems. It is about resilience, which helps people in all challenging situations.

Ashu Dave, Toronto, Canada


I am very grateful for your help in awakening us. This book is very valuable, most inspiring and is the voice of the heart. This makes us realise the importance of truth and the source of inner strength. Thus providing the whole wellbeing of the physical body, mental intelligence, emotional, psychological and spiritual components of being a human being. The way you have taught the breathing technique with the spirituality radiates pure vibrations and offers the energy to live happily. You have shown harmony which is often ignored between the body, mind and spirit. This ripens the fruit to the taste of sweetness. This book is so sweet, no words can describe the greatness felt. I salute your mum and you. All the best of health and happiness. May all beings be awakened.

Chandrika & Navin Chauhan, Luton, UK

My heartfelt gratitude goes to Dr Daksha Trivedi for bravely sharing with us her experience of a daunting journey through cancer.  It’s an eye opening account of being plunged into a frightening dark forest with no hope of escape in sight – but she does not give up! With moving words she explains how gathering her inner strength that appears as a beacon of hope, courage, faith and love, eventually guides her out of the dark forest. The book brings a realisation to be grateful for everything that we take it for granted.

Indeed Daksha’s heart touching book is a valuable treasure offering many effective healing options for those who are suffering and equally important for those who are caring.  Thank you Daksha for sharing your experiences and putting it nicely, it’s been “An appointment with God”.

With very best wishes and love.

Bharat Sisodia – Manchester UK

I had the privilege of reading this fantastic well-  versed book.  It gave me a sense of energy and power, especially when life puts you through challenges.

Although the book was aimed at someone suffering from cancer, and the journey they made through it.  It would give anyone a sense of strength in any Difficult situation and facing challenging times in any such point in life.  The book allowed the reader to expand and not focus in on the problem.  Which teaches us a lot in life as to how to cope in these circumstances.

Whilst reading, the book portrayed difficulties and challenges amongst members of the family supporting Daksha Trivedi.  Both Daksha’s mother and Pradeep had to face their own journeys through this.  They were very brave and had to find their own journey amongst the challenging situation.  It’s amazing when the Lord comes and helps us at the most challenging times in life. 

My regards to the whole supporting family.

Dr Prasanta Banerjee,  BDS, MFDSRCS, MJDFRCS, DPCDRCSIre, PgCert Dent Edu; Wheathampstead, UK

I’m so proud of you for having the courage to write this book so honestly and revealing your vulnerabilities. I am glad that you had so many friends and family support you, Pradip and your Mum through this difficult time.

I am sure that your book, the support group you’ve started and your constructive observations about the pre and post diagnosis/operation will be of huge help and comfort to others with cancer and their families.

Harsha Mehta, Calgary, Canada

I have finally finished your book. Eagerly read every chapter so I could share remotely the traumatic journey my dear friend endured. Your book is beautifully written, the quotes hit the message straight to the mind, heart and soul. Loved the artwork and corresponding quotes.

I relived the time my husband had his operation and yes, being a caregiver does affect the partner considerably. I totally understand carer stress.  It is a confusing, scary time when you see your loved one suffer. But you both are spiritual partners, on the same page. And you are both positive individuals, that is the key to your incredible recovery.

Your mother stands out as one incredible human being. I realised that when I met her. She left an impact both on Aneequa and myself. God bless her, God bless you and Pradip.
The only thing I felt was that I, as a friend was so out of touch with what you went through. I sensed it but could not share any of your pain. Maybe that’s how it was meant to be?
Stay well, stay positive, stay blessed always.

Your late brother’s poem was particularly poignant, touched my heart, God bless him and all those who have left us in their new world, 

Sanober Dar, Windsor, Berkshire, UK

Many blessings have been showered on you as you ride the bus toward the last stop!!!! The journey is what matters, and not the bus stop schedule, dear friend! I am so happy to have shared part of this journey with you. You are an amazing woman and I am so glad to have read your recent story. You popped up in my mind over the last couple of months, and now I know why.  You have been so productive during the lock-down and it is service to others, that will help many on their own journey.

With love,

Tracy Trisko, Baltimore, USA

A truly inspirational read. A personal account of a terrible disease retold so eloquently with motivational quotes and beautiful photos.

This book really is thought provoking putting what’s important in life into perspective.

It demonstrates very honestly that the worries and fears that individuals and their families  face when facing life changing situations are very normal and cancer does not need to be a lonely disease as there are many organisations who can offer help and support.

Very well done!

My heartiest congratulations to you on writing such a powerful honest account of your personal cancer journey. It is such a humbling read and I am sure it will help so many people suffering this and other horrendous diseases. You speak so honestly and eloquently about family and friends who have made your recovery possible. Especially your Mum, the very personal photos you included truly touched my heart. The positive quotes are truly motivational. I hope you don’t mind but I’ve written some of them down to read back if ever I need a bit of an uplift!

I also loved the tiles you have included at the end of your book.

I wish you all the very best may you stay healthy and strong. Sending love to your family. May your brothers, Ashwin and Deepak rest in eternal peace.

Bimal Patel, London, UK

Congratulations Daksha on having your book published. Indeed anything can happen to anyone at any time – how to handle that happening is the biggest question.

You have shared your journey of a mega-happening to yourself in a very cool calm and collective manner and little by little approached it systematically and methodically with help from all around yourself -family, specialists and friends well nurtured over time.

Your experience and sharing of that journey will always be an incredible inspiration for everyone who comes to learn how you tackled your problems and overcame it.

Well done on a great achievement!

Ashok Mehta, Birmingham, UK

Such an emotional issue but written  eloquently and with  lots of information.

Very inspiring and interesting read Daksha. Thank you very much. 

Urwashi Shukla, London, UK

I just finished reading your book, ‘Now Living The Dream’ and it really is insightful.

It’s great that such a traumatic experience led to this very positive outcome.

Onwards and upwards!


Kalpna Carter, Essex, UK

Thank you for sharing your beautiful book with Luton Council of Faith, who have sent it to the Bahai’s of Luton. Your book is an inspiration, not only to those suffering Cancer, but those of us who take things for granted.

When you walk through the park, you notice the birds singing, you notice the beautiful colours of the trees and the grass. You even notice on one occasion that your shadow is in front of you, as if you were walking into darkness.  We can all learn to treasure every day, as you do.

May God bless you ! Very best regards to Pradip and your Mother.

Best Regards

Carl Puran, Luton, Bedfordshire, UK

I have read your beautifully documented story of courage, resilience and faith while you battled and conquered cancer. I loved how you brought in inspirational messages and anecdotes such as quoting from Chariots of Fire and even Alice in Wonderland. I also loved your poems to both your Mum and Pradip as well as your beautiful and meaningful art work that was so therapeutic during your healing.  Your dear mother and Pradip were your rocks to lean on; your Florence Nightingales, your angels of peace with unending and unconditional love. Your story brought back a flood of memories of Deepak’s cancer journey.  

Thank you again for sharing your story. I wish you nothing but God’s grace and love always.


Surabhi Dave, Edmonton, Canada

Dearest Daksha,

Thank you so much for thinking of me and sharing your story.  I have subscribed to your newsletter.  There’s nothing more I would want than to read and gain insight from my dear friend’s personal experience. We’ve all had our ups and downs in life but “surviving” what appears to be a traumatic experience, turns out to be a source of strength in the end. As much of an intellectual you are, creating this memoir for the world has totally put you in the category of human being beyond measure.  May the Almighty bless you and continue to provide peace in your life.

Take care, my friend and Be safe!!

Lots of love,

Rehana Chaudry, USA

Indeed, your book will make an amazing read for all those who already know you and those who don’t (but will definitely after reading your book).

Excellently articulated insights. My admiration and salutation to you for reliving the agonizing ordeal you went through. You are a brave lady!  I just cannot imagine what you would have had to go through recollecting those awful times whilst penning down the moments. Indeed, it’s a highly courageous and a very brave attempt. I am equally sure of the part my dear friend Pradip must have played in all this. And what can we say about your dear Mum? Her faith and conviction with which she made herself available and supported you all the way during and after those agonizing times!

Best Regards

Pradeep Chotai, Welwyn Garden City, UK

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