Memories and Moments - Now Living the Dream

Each one of us can fulfil our dreams no matter what time we have… 
Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you. Aldous Huxley
In the carousel of care, I experienced a world I had not known before. Sailing through a sea of despair and hope, as my life overlapped with many others…

It’s a strange feeling coming home. Everything is the same as it ever was. What has really changed is you.

It is a long and a winding road that paves the way to a new life. When facing challenges everyday – physically, mentally and emotionally, we have to dig deep and find our inner strength to help us reach the goal of recovering well. They who picked me up, held my hand and walked with me.

Starting to draw and paint fosters my healing and well-being. It has become a meditative process. My world becomes full of sunshine yellow, green from the grass and blue from the sky! When I colour my world I paint it with all the love that heals.

“Be grateful for whoever comes because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” – Rumi
During my challenging recovery, the warmth of friends and family was a healing balm. Whilst they could sense my fears, they brought much faith, comfort and courage to keep moving forward, making every moment count as a blessing.

“It was the cancer which taught me that I am not the cancer, but more than a cancer survivor reminding me that I am beautifully human and beautifully divine. Given a second chance, it’s wonderful to fall in love with life again…”

Lifting people up, giving them love and compassion and making their lives better, we can let them know they are not alone. Being involved in a range of activities not only enhanced my well-being but also brought new experiences that enriched my life.
“If we cannot do great things, we can do great things in a small way.” – Inspired by Napoleon Hill

We, the twins were brought together at birth and then through an insidious cancer. Only six months before his diagnosis, he travelled from Edmonton, Canada to celebrate our mother’s 85th birthday in Coventry. Unbeknown to me, our short ten months together was somehow preparing me to meet my own cancer journey only six months after he peacefully passed away. We were three and now there is only me to tell the tale.

Cancer is only going to be a chapter in your life and not the whole story – Joe Wasser

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