My journey – my message…

Since the release of my book ‘Now Living the Dream – A tale of surviving cancer’ I have been able to reach out to various support groups, patient forums and individuals who are finding new pathways of dealing with their own cancer journeys.

Despite Covid-19 social distancing, virtual online meetings have enabled us to stay in touch with our own mid Bedfordshire Cancer Support Group: 

As a trained Macmillan telephone buddy support volunteer, providing regular support to patients brings them emotional comfort and information they need.   Making a difference to the well-being of another is a rewarding experience.    

I have shared my message with the Guildford Oesophageal Cancer Support group as well as the Asian Women’s Cancer Support Group whose experiences revealed the importance of understanding cultural needs of diverse communities.

I was invited to share my experience of my journey on a radio interview in Luton, in an Indian language. This became a catalyst for planning a local cancer support group in Luton.  The programme conveyed a message for ALL patients and families that:

  1. Access to cancer services is most important as early detection and treatment can save lives.
  2. Cancer means we need to tend to our holistic needs, no matter what stage we are at in our journe. In my book, I share how I greatly benefited from a holistic approach.

 Some feedback from my presentation and sharing my journey:  

Very inspiring talk, May you continue to be well and keep inspiring more and more people… Lots of informative tips to deal with catastrophic situation.  Thank you very much Daksha for an emotional and inspiring talk. Learnt a lot from you… Looking forward to reading your book “Now Living the Dream- A tale of surviving cancer” 

An Invitation

As a way of reaching out to others please share your experience as a patient or a family carer or a friend by adding Comments to this post.

Although each individual journey is different, there are many similarities and by sharing them, we can feel that we are not alone. Together we learn so much more, our needs, our requirements and how to get the right help. 

What do others say about “Now living the dream”?  

Please read on at:

Your comments and suggestions are valuable so please do share as it will help many others.

My journey – my message…

One thought on “My journey – my message…

  1. Hi Daksha
    Whether you may think of me as a friend, carer or parent, I have always considered you to be a person to have a high integrity, superb intellect with the ability to clarify complex issues in a language that is meaningful to those who are around you. Your application in contemporary society to disseminate current medical issues complements this in your latest book. In view of this I pray that you continue to excel in society and in turn save mankind. My very best wishes to you. Love Partha

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