Stay True by Mita Patel

Mita Patel is a writer and engineer, who strives to balance her uber-serious, problem-solving side with her more care-free, artistic side. She writes a blog called She’s Come Undone, where she shares her poetry, adventures in Toronto, and reflections on women’s empowerment projects close to her heart. In 2021 she lost one of her best friends, Gosia, to uveal melanoma. Mita will forever be guided by Gosia’s vision for the expression of truth through words, beauty and art.

Stay True

Whatever your thoughts of the oppressor,
do not let the angry flame of hate
consume your heart.
It is not one that illuminates darkness,
but one that burns away what remains of goodness.

Do not resonate with the worst part of them,
when what we need now is the best part of you.

Stay true to the path of peace –
if you cannot find it in your external reality,
it is an opportunity to create it within your internal reality.

Find alignment with your breath,
and bring awareness to that part of yourself
– your soul,
that is at peace
no matter the chaos around you.

Stay True by Mita Patel

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