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Daksha lives in the small hilltop village of Meppershall, Central Bedfordshire mentioned in the Domesday Book, 1086.

She had hardly come to terms with the painful loss of her twin brother from advanced cancer only six months earlier, when she herself was diagnosed with cancer.

Her deeply moving story, details the reality of her condition and conveys profound themes of relentless determination and a commitment to positive strategies at a time of pain and suffering.

Her transformative journey has taken her from a climate of fear and uncertainty to hope of recovery as she discovers the healing power of love

Extracts from the Book

Now Living the Dream by Dr Daksha TrivediFrom Introduction: The greatest gift

 “My heart sank upon hearing three words “You have cancer”. Every day in the UK, around one thousand people hear these frightening words, and I never envisaged that I would be one of them. Life as we know it can vanish in a heartbeat and the unthinkable can happen in a moment…” 

From Chapter One: Life will never be the same  

“There must be a mistake, I thought, given I had no symptoms suggesting such a devastating diagnosis. I lost my composure, and forgetting all my scientific training, questions poured out of me in an incoherent manner. “What did I do wrong?” What if it is inoperable? How long have I got….?” 

From Chapter Three: Coping with uncertainty 

“The presence of an aggressive cancer became a stark reality, which was hard to accept and what still remained was the dreadful uncertainty of treatment…”

From Chapter Twelve: My life in their hands

“In a crowded room, the surgical team went through the procedures again and all the complications including death which was a real possibility. I saw my mother trying to hold back her tears….”.

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